resolutions_janAh yes, resolutions. Everyone makes them, yet hardly anyone ever sticks to them.

In fact, hating on people that make resolutions has become the “cool” thing to do these days. Like, “Hah! Look at this loser who thinks he’s going to make 6 figures and get ripped abs this year. Yeah right! What an absolute turkey”

What’s more, there are plenty of experts that basically say, “if something is important to you, why wait for a change in the calendar? The best time to start is right now!”

To be fair, they do have a point.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was on the same boat, and thought resolutions were for doorknobs. However, I’ve come to realize that having resolutions isn’t a bad thing, despite their high failure rates.

In fact, they can actually be helpful for a hustler.

You see, while the concept of the calendar is a human invention, it allow us to split up the time into chunks. And then we can use these chunks to reflect back on the prior 365 days to see what type of progress we managed or lack thereof.

Oh yeah, and you know who else makes resolutions? Businesses! They just have a different name for them — they’re called sales projections.

Trust me, it’s not a coincidence that most of the successful businesses you know and love (or hate) make such projections.

The Biggest Problems With Resolutions

So why do over 90% of people never manage to accomplish their resolutions? In my opinion, it’s because they either aim too damn high, aren’t specific enough or simply don’t hustle as hard as they need to. Sometimes, it’s all three!

No where is this is especially true in the field of fitness.

As a strength and fat loss expert, I was asked by a journalist from the Wall Street Journal last year about why people fail to get in shape, and the answer was the same: lack of consistency and setting unrealistic expectations.

Funny enough, those who suffer financially make the same mistake. Now notice that I didn’t list lack of knowledge as a factor — because such a shortage doesn’t really exist in this day and age.

If you recall my earlier article — The 3 Words That Can Change You Life — you know that to be successful at anything you need good Information, a solid Strategy, and the will to Hustle. And a majority of those who are out of shape (or broke) have all the information and strategies they could ask for, but just cannot consistently keep up the hustle, week in and week out.

When you have a goal, remember that you have to commit to taking actions that will support that goal for the REST OF THE YEAR. So if you want to get shredded abs, know that you’ll have to take certain actions daily. If you’re not willing to do this, pick another resolution.

Things brings me to my final point before I give you the 5 resolutions that you can actually stick to: unrealistic expectations.

As an example, if you’re 30lbs overweight and/or have a body-fat percentage north of 25% then please, AIM LOW. Make your barrier for success 20% bodyfat. Or if you’re only making $500 a month online, aim to make $1000 instead of something like $10k.

Because guess what? When you reach your goal, you can ALWAYS reset and aim for a new goal. You’ll also have momentum and confidence on your side. But if you make your goal 10% bodyfat, you’ll most likely give up when you hit 19% and realize just how fucking hard things can get.

Make sense? Good.

So here are 5 resolutions that you can actually accomplish (Note: These resolutions are basically teasers. They are goals that are MEANT to be smashed with relative ease to boost confidence, so don’t dismiss them because they seem simple – that’s where their power lies.)

Resolution #1: Do 2 workouts per week for the next 8 weeks

bootcampThe workouts don’t have to be lengthy, you don’t need a gym membership, and nor do you have to take mirror selfies. You just need to undergo some type of physical activity 2x a week that lasts anywhere from 20-40 minutes. If you can’t manage this, any fitness goal you pick is hopeless, so you might as well give up on the whole losing weight thing. Putting in physical effort 2x per week is the lowest common denominator.

If you can get through this, then hit me up and we can talk about getting you those shredded abs, or a 500lbs deadlift. If you need a workout program to follow, click here to visit my fitness site and click “Burn Fat” as your goal on the page. You’ll get access to a FREE 2-week fat loss course that comes with simple workouts that you can do at home along with video demonstrations.

Resolution #2: Eat one healthy, home-cooked meal per day for 30 days

chopping_veggies (Small)If you’ve been eating like shit for the past few years (or even decades) then chances are low that you’ll suddenly start cooking and prepping your meals a week in advance, avoiding processed sugars, shop organic and so on. So start slow. Even a little bit matters.

Find a recipe for a meal that is balanced (has a decent serving of vegetables, a serving of protein and some carbs) and then cook that once a day.

An example could be chicken fried rice with sautéed veggies. Then for the rest of your 2 or 3 meals, do what you’ve always done. After 30 days, if you succeed, start cooking 2 meals per day and so on.

Resolution #3: Write down your “why” every morning for 30 days

We all have goals, but knowing WHY we want to accomplish them is where true power comes from. If you don’t have your why, you need to listen to episode 3 because it will help you figure it out.

My “why” is that I want to leave a legacy for my future kids and grandkids. I also want help people become successful and donate $1 million to a cause that I believe in. So imagine what would happen if I don’t hustle. What if that $1 million can help educate a group of people that eventually figure out the cure for cancer.

This shit makes me spring out of bed faster than a spring-loaded jack in the box. And why exactly do you need to write it down? Because the written word has power. Studies have shown that those who consistently write down their goals have a much, much higher chance of actually accomplishing them.

Now before you got out and buy a generic notebook from the dollar store, consider getting our Success Planner. It’s designed from the ground up to help you get motivated, stay motivated and reach your goals in about 60 days! Grab your copy right here.

Resolution #4: Deposit 5% of your paycheck in a savings account every week for 8 weeks

Stethoscope-on-top-of-moneyDon’t think about it, don’t give me excuses and don’t try and convince yourself as to why you can’t. Give up that morning Latte at Starbucks and brew your own damn coffee. Dump your movie nights and get a Netflix subscription. Stop going out to eat… do whatever it takes, but tell your bank to automatically set up an account where 5% of every paycheck you deposit gets put aside.

If your bank cannot automate this, find a new bank! This needs to be automatic because I know your lazy ass won’t do it by yourself. After 8 weeks, just watch how much money you have left. From there you can keep this going (highly recommended) or spend the money… but only on the following 3 things:

  1. Personal Development – take courses, buy books, or take classes. Anything that counts as an investment in you is good. Getting a few copies of our Success Planner would be a wise choice, just saying.
  2. Financial Investment – buy some stock, invest in bonds, mutual funds, whatever you want. Don’t worry about blowing the money and losing it to the market because the lesson it’ll teach you will be worth the cost. Just invest financially somewhere that will give you a return, or loss. In fact, the market as a whole has always gone up, so invest in index funds instead of specific companies.
  3. Giving – charity, buying your niece’s college textbooks, helping the needy… whatever you decide to do, make sure that money does some GOOD in the world.

Resolution #5: Read any 2 books we recommend on Instagram within 4 weeks

book18_cheeseIf you’re not following us on Instagram, you’re really missing out. Go to our page and scroll down a little and you’ll see an entire column of books that are hustler-approved! You can’t miss it – they all have bright red backgrounds.

I don’t really care which ones you buy, just pick two as they’re all great in their own way.

If you insist on being picky-choosy, read the description as we tell you more about the books and that’ll give you a better idea of what you’re about get into.

You have 2 weeks per book which is PLENTY of time. There’s no way in hell anyone shouldn’t be able to accomplish this. I mean seriously, if you can’t read a book in 2 weeks then you my friend, are just NOT meant to be a hustler.

How Many Of These Resolutions Should You Pick?

Initially, just one! I don’t care what your internal voice is telling you, just pick one. We humans have a knack of over-estimating our abilities, and that’s usually what gets us into trouble. So don’t think you can do them all.

The total time these 5 resolutions should take (if you do them one at a time like I recommend) is about 7 months. Just imagine how awesome you’ll feel by July when you’ve accomplished all 5… in a world where most people can’t even manage ONE.

Also, don’t forget these are upgradeable; so maybe after 8 weeks, you’re still depositing 5% of your paycheck because it’s become a habit. Or maybe you’re doing more than 2 workouts a week because you’re loving the changes that your body is going through and how you look in the mirror. Or maybe you’re on book number 8 because you found that you suddenly love reading good information and are now focusing on cooking one healthy meal per day. Awesome.

As you can see, the goals will overlap and (hopefully) become a part of your daily and weekly life. This is when real change occurs.

Don’t let this new year be the same as last year. Make shit happen, and keep up the hustle. We can’t wait to hear about your success!

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