Interview With Eva Baker from Teens got Cents

by Martin Dasko & Sahil Mulla | DYEH Podcast

What were you doing at 16 years old? Something productive? Life changing? Meaningful?

If you’re anything like Martin or I, you would say “none of the above.”

But on today’s show we have a young lady named Eva who started a blog at 16 years old as a high school project which has now morphed into a full time business! Talk about a young hustler!

It really goes to show that age has absolutely nothing to do with success.

Whether you’re 16, 60 or somewhere in between, the most important thing you can do right now is to smash that play button above, listen to the interview, then START your side hustle business. Don’t wait, plan or dream about it. Do it!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 00:00 – 5:01. We introduce Eva Baker who started her blog as a teenager. Eva tells us what inspired her at 16 to get into personal finance blogging. She tells us her stories of going through home schooling as a teenager and how her mom made her listen to a Dave Ramsey audio book.
  • 5:02 – 6:12. Was Eva nervous about starting a blogging about money? She talks about how she had no choice.
  • 6:13 – 7:55. When did blogging become real for Eva? When did she start making money? Eva goes into detail of how a trip to FinCon opened her eyes to a whole new world.
  • 7:56 – 10:17. What made Eva pursue blogging as a full-time business? One emotional conversation with her mom changed the direction of Eva’s life and career trajectory.
  • 10:18 – 12:10. How does Eva make money off her blog? She has a unique approach to making money.
  • 12:11 – 15:32. How did Eva become comfortable with public speaking? Listen to how she got into speaking at only 12 years old. Does she practice or does she wing it?
  • 15:33 – 16:30. What else does Eva do for income?
  • 16:31 – 23:53. The discussion turns towards the conference that Eva runs for teen entrepreneurs. She tells us about the origins and how she puts this conference together. We go through everything from planning to marketing.
  • 23:54 – 25:06. How did Eva become to open-minded to accepting help?
  • 25:07 – 27:05. What advice does Eva have for all aspiring teen entrepreneurs?

Enjoy Our Podcast Anyway You Want!

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