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Why Listen To Us?

We Help You Conquer The 4 Common Struggles Every Hustler Faces When Starting Their Own Business

Getting Motivated

Learn the tips, tricks and hacks that the top hustlers use to keep themselves motivated, day in and day out. Even during times when everything seems to be falling apart. We’ll help you find a real reason to get up in the morning.

Making Money

If there’s one thing hustlers are really good at, it’s closing. Anyone, anytime, anywhere. We’ll show you how to freelance and sell the skills you already have to those who need it most, for top dollar.

Increase Productivity

Time management is a myth; everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. The key is to learn how to best utilize those 24. Learn the top productivity hacks that allow you to do twice the work in half the time.


Boost Confidence

A true hustler isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of a social interaction. They stand tall and dominate the room with their wit, charm and charisma without offending people. We’ll show you how to go from shy to fly!

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Meet The Hosts

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko

Pro Wrestler & Runs Studenomics

Why’s Martin here? Martin first started hustling as a kid. He found himself selling chocolates, delivering newspapers, and working as a soccer referee before he was even old enough to get his license. Eventually, Martin went on to earn his B.Comm. degree. He graduated with zero debt because he hustled (and drank lots of coffee) to ensure that he wouldn’t be stuck in a financial crisis. In late-2008, Martin launched Studenomics, where he helps folks in their 20s save money without ever missing a party. At 25, Martin finally began to chase his dream of pro wrestling. When he’s not wrestling, Martin loves to hit the weights, swing bells, and attend BJJ Class.

Sahil Mulla

Sahil Mulla

Strength Coach & Runs Hardcore Training Solutions

Sahil has been a hustler for as long as he can remember. He has an uncanny ability to see trends that are picking up steam, and quickly turn them into cash. In his youth, he has sold everything from chocolates, Pogs, Pokemon cards to custom 3d video game levels! Currently, he’s the founder of Hardcore Training Solutions and has worked with wide demographic of athletes, some of which have gone on to win National Championships and break records. He has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to running an online business, is quick witted, and brings great energy to the table. What’s more, as a coach Sahil has the ability to take complex concepts and boil them down into simple insights you can start using to make yourself successful today!

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